Combat pilot is a new hardcore combat flight- simulation set in the Pacific theater of world war 2.


Combat Pilot is a new hardcore combat flight-simulation set in the Pacific Theater during WWII.

Combat Pilot aims to be a leader in the CFS genre of PC gaming and finally bring a new, comprehensive Pacific themed aerial combat experience to virtual fighter and bomber pilots around the world. 

The franchise will start in the PTO and use it as the proving ground for its technology, content and feature-set while building a strong community. Once fully operational in the Pacific, the team will consider other combat theaters to be focal points of new titles.

Project History

In late 2022, Barbedwire Studios teamed up with Jason Williams to discuss new ways of building a state-of-the-art combat flight-simulator for the PC. They agreed on two main goals. First, to fulfill their passion by making a quality product with features that the CFS community wants. And second, to cover a long-neglected combat theater that is largely missing in modern combat flight-sims and create an ecosystem to take it even further.  

And so, Combat Pilot was born!

The Team

The Combat Pilot team is headed by long-time Executive Producer and former CEO of 777 Studios Jason Williams. For the past 15+ years, Jason has been a leader in producing some of the biggest and best combat flight-simulators in the genre. His lengthy experience working with an assortment of international developers and his passion for the genre is invaluable to the Combat Pilot project. 

Barbedwire Studios, likewise, is no stranger to passion driven and historically based projects. Barbedwire Studios is the developer behind the successful tactical RTS game – CALL TO ARMS – GATES OF HELL. Development of Combat Pilot is being undertaken by a new aeronautical focused subsidiary of the studio called Entropy.Aero.

The Entropy.Aero team will work independently and exclusively for Combat Pilot specializing in the unique challenges of a flight-sim. This will ensure uninterrupted progress for both series.

This new team will equally seek to maximize historical accuracy, quality gameplay and engaged, friendly communities that Gates of Hell fans know well.

The team’s approach derives from their shared passion for the genre and their deep interest in the history of armed conflicts that helped shape our world.


Combat Pilot will strive to bring the latest advancements in game engine architecture and technology to the combat flight-sim market, such as advanced and soft-body physics, virtual reality, multi-threading, ray tracing, dynamic virtualized geometry, beautiful particle effects, next-gen sound and more. 

Beyond modern gaming technology, Combat Pilot will benefit from years of hard work and engineering experience in the commercial aerospace industry. This work has resulted in an industry-grade toolkit making highly accurate flight models possible. It is also backed by computational fluid dynamics simulations coupled with available aircraft documentation to verify the theoretical calculations. 

This approach is particularly important for the Pacific theater, where reliable information and detailed documentation about the flight characteristics of many aircraft, especially Japanese aircraft, is rare. Entropy.Aero engineers have worked for Airbus, CMT-Thermal Engines, Eurofighter and SAAB among others.

We are thrilled to begin this adventure with you as we endeavor to take flight! 

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